10 Tips for learning English

1.Be motivated: If you are motivated for learning a new language or a new thing it will be easier to learn. Because you have enthusiasm and you want to improve your skills and be better in the world.

And there are some reasons why you can be motivated to learn English.

2. Use a dictionary: If you don’t know the meaning of a new vocabulary word you must search it in a dictionary, or if you want to know How the spelling or pronunciation is it ? A dictionary will be a good friend. Nowadays, there are a lot of dictionaries online, apps for your cellphone or physical books.

These are two examples of web pages of dictionaries:



How to use a dictionary effectively:

3. Listen to music: Listening to music in English will help you for learning pronunciation and new vocabulary, and if you combine it with a practice of lyrics, your listening skill will be improved too. There are many places where you can practice filling the lyrics of the song you want.

Lyrics training it’s one the best, it has a different levels for you.


4. Watch movies: Like listening to music, watching movies in their original language will help you to practice your listening, at the beginning you can use the original audio with subtitles and when you think you are ready do it without subtitles, also it is good idea watch movies from different accents of English.

You can search in many websites for any movie that you want to see, but if you don´t know anyone in this video are some of them:

5. Read books: If you like one book in Spanish try it in English, with this you will learn vocabulary and you will know more words. Starting with your favorite book in Spanish could be a good way of begin the habit of reading in English and also it will be a book that you already understood. Also don’t forget, if you don’t know a word, you have a dictionary that could help you, but try to deduce the meaning with the context.  

6. Use chatrooms: In a chatroom you can practice your English with other people who also are learning the language, in that way you can help other people at the same time they help you.

Some chat rooms where you can talk with other people:



7. Learn with games:  Use games for learnig will be more interesting and you will enjoy at the same time you learn, if you have video games that could help you for learning new vocabulary, but there are a lot of games that you can play in your computer or cellphone.

Some games that you can play:





8. News and magazines:  Watch and read newspapers or magazines could help you to learn more formal things, vocabulary from the daily living and also you can have some topics to talk with other people. But not only news you can read about recipes or fashion things in other kind of magazines. You can read in your cellphone or in your computer without having to buy the newspaper or magazine.

Some newspapers or magazines:




How to learn English with the News:

9. Record yourself: If you record yourself when you talk with somebody or when you are alone in your home reading aloud a book or the news you will know what mistakes are you doing and with that you can improve your pronunciation.

10. Talk and practice: Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid if you have the opportunity of talk with someone in English don’t doubt it and do it that is the only way of learning, no matter if you do many things for learning without practice you will never learn. Talk with a native speaker will help you a lot, because it’s a different experience that talking with a classmate, native speakers have a different accent, they talk faster and that is what you will face in the real life.

Extra Online resources:       

TOEIC practice:


Irregular Verbs:






Phrasal Verbs:



Modal Verbs practice:




Listening practice:


Pronunciation practice:



Reading practice:



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